Reindeeeeer Reindeeeeer
Let me ask, why?

We're almost there but nevermind.
Purple. :D #typography
Mini envelopes. XD
14 things.

1. I’m missing someone right now.
2. I don’t know what to do.
3. It’s crazy having this thought for these last few weeks.
4. I can’t get you off my mind.
5. You’re everywhere I go.
6. I keep daydreaming.
7. I’m craving for fries and pizza, but I’m craving for you more. Lol jk.
8. Just thinking of you can make my heart beats fast
9. This is non-sense. Sorry.
10. I can’t and I won’t let this feeling go.
11. Nevermind.
12. I just miss you.
13. And I’ll keep missing you.
14. That’s all.

Halaa. Ayoko tumanda. Dito na lang ako. :3 Hahaha. XD

This afternoon. ❤ ✌
Ge. -_-
RS. Hahaha kyuti.
That mini heart attack. Fudge.

I can relate to this

because i do :p
Haggard po kaibigan. :D

Gusto ko magdeact. Kaso nanghihinayang ako. Tagal na nito e.

I looked at him as a friend, until I realized I loved him.

Let me prove something real. Something that will make you stay.

Anonymous said: How are you today?

I’m trying to be okay anon . Lol drama hahahaha. Exam na namin wala pa kong narereview anon, tapos di pa ko tapos sa mga ginagawa ko, tapos inaantok na ko, tas shems. MISS NA MISS KO NA SYA. ge

Gusto ko ng Pizza. Tapos Fries. Tapos Ice Cream. Tapos IKAW.



Hi b :’) <3

Ikaw lang.

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