15. Philippines.
"I'm hopeless, but I'm standing still. Boy I'm holding on " 
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Is everywhere I go,
every air I breathe,
a water, I’m thirsty,
I need to drink.
He is my sunshine
in summer,
it’s when I fell in love
to a man, a boy
who loves to sing,
an artist in his own way,
a man I used to dream.

is everyone I see,
every second counts,
and he’s everything to me.
He’s the man, a boy
I keep missing
it’s winter
and now he’s leaving.
He’s somebody
who took my heart,
it’s now his property
there’s no turning back.
He’s running away,
I need him to stay,
he’s everything I need,
he’s my pain reliever
but he’s the reason
why I’m bleeding.

I’m too young,
I’m in love
To a man, a boy
Ane he’s the secret
That I used to keep.

I want to text you. Just to remind you that I’m still here. But then I remember that you know I’m here. You just don’t care.
— Midnight thoughts (I won’t do this again)
One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?
— Steve Maraboli (via neverthelesz)

I believe life is a fairytale
in the hands of God.
Full of trials;
delayed promises;
unanswered prayers;
impossible problems;
a Prince and a King;
an enemy and a witch;
castle and horses;
magic wands and flying carpets.

But in the end,
after those, after death
is a happy ever after
in eternity with the riches of heaven
with God.

Okay. Let me get this straight. What’s your problem? Why are you acting like you don’t know what’s happening? You know what? Our friendship is what matters the most. I don’t care if it hurts like I’m cutting myself into pieces. I don’t care if it hurts like I want to jump off a building and end this thing. But no, I don’t want to lose the only thing that we have. Dear, you promised me that you’re going to make a way too just to keep our friendship. I know how much you hate distance. Right? Right. I tried to distance myself to you, but you don’t want me to. That’s why I stopped. I chose our friendship. Because it’s you! It’s you worrying, it’s you who never stopped saying those sweet stuffs and all. It’s you, who cared.

But what now? Boy I’m begging you to stay, as my friend. Because that’s what we used to be. I thought you hate things such distance? Am I wrong? And if I am, what are those sweet messages? I don’t play games. lf you do, you should have tell me from the start. So I could play it better. But yeah. That’s the thing about love. It’s a game, you want to lose and watch someone you love winning the game.

Isha wag ka na nga daw kasi magpakatanga.

Ano? Ginusto ko to. :3 Masakit, oo. Alam mo yung feeling na iniwan ka sa ere? Parang ganun. Oh ganun na nga talaga. Pero kahit anong sabihin nilang magmove on na ko, ayoko pa. Hihintayin ko na lang mawala ng kusa. Tsaka di naman ako nagsisisi. First time ko tong ganito. Sabi nga nila, magpromise daw ako na magagawa ko na daw tumingin sa mata niya ng wala ng nararamdaman sakanya. Di ko kaya yun. Ang tumingin sa singkit niyang mata ay isa sa pinaka magandang view na nakita ko. HAHAHAHA okay shet. De. Ayoko na magdrama.

Sila kase e. Haha jk. Break namin yun yung pinaguusapan namin. Tapos after nun, edi exam sa physics. Simula nun hanggang sa umuwi ako yun yung iniisip ko. Ano ba kase. :3 Alam mo yung nagrereview ka tas biglang masisingit yun, tapos mapapansin ko na lang mangiyak-iyak na ko. Hahaha. Bata pa ko, bakit nagkakaganito na ko agad? :3

Don’t tell me that you care
If you will only leave
And tell me you’ll always be there
If you will only hide
yourself from me.
You told me no matter what
We can still be friends
But what’s friendship for
If we’re back the way
we were before,
Strangers and alone.

I tried to
I tried not to think
I tried to unlove you
But the more I do
The more I love
every piece of you
I love the way you hurt me
The way you watch me bleeding.
The way you leave me here hanging
The way you tell me you missed me
And start ignoring me.

I know you will never be satisfied
No matter how I try.
But baby it’s 2:25 in the morning
And it’s your name that I’m cursing
It’s breaking me inside
I can predict this happening
But up to now
You ‘re still the risk
That I’m taking.

Hindi naman ibig sabihin ng umasa ka e pinaasa ka na nung isa. Minsan kasi namimisinterpret natin yung actions nila kaya sa huli tayo din ang talo.


It’s sad when someone hurt you so much and they don’t even care about the damage they caused and the worst part is, they don’t even have any slightest idea about it. They don’t even know that they hurt you, so much.

Walang tayo pero nasasaktan ako. Bakit ganun?

I’m stuck here with the thought
Of confessing
I practiced my lines
They were perfectly molded
But in front of you
They just melted

I’m stuck here in the dark,
With a light, a candle you gave,
Time after time the light
Comes low and the dark
Creeps me out.

I’m stuck here in the past,
The time machine just brought me here
Stuck where we’re close together
Never want to come back in the present.

I’m stuck here with my phone
Reading our old conversations
Still wondering where it all changed
I’m with you, but I lost in the maze.

Are you really
in love
with the person
in front of you?
or you’re just
in love
with the memories
you’ve shared together?

Are you still dreaming
to be with him
even though
things changed?
and that person
is not the way
he was before?
or you are dreaming
of him with the
picture of yesterday
wishing you
could turn
back time?

Kapag usapang reindeer naiiyak ako. Walang ganyanan oh. Mababaw luha ko. Hahaha.

I didn’t get over it, but I got used to it.
Story of my life. (via ranjhana)

Everything was going smoothly.

As smooth as the tears on my face
As I fell hard on the ground
With my knees on the rocks
And my hands on the mud
I can’t stand
I’m stuck here
At the start.

It’s smooth just like
My hair messed up
And my clothes ripped off
And my body trembling
And I felt hopeless
Still holding on.

It’s smooth yet
It’s tearing me inside
Somebody planted
Thorns on my path
That caused me bleeding.

In the end
I still managed
To smile
And tell everyone
That everything
Was going smoothly.